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Industrial Area Local Authority


As the maintenance of civic services in APIIC Industrial Areas were neglected by Local Bodies, the Govt. of AP, to remedy the situation, has given Local Authority Status to APIIC Ltd by amendment of the Acts.

The following sections were transferred to APIIC subject to condition that APIIC shall remit 35% / 50% of the Property Tax / Revenues collected to the concerned Local Bodies.

Sl.No. Under Sections 147 of APPR Act 1994 Nature Of Powers/Functions
01 60 to 69,71 and 72 Provisions relating to Taxation and Finance
02 93 to 103, 120 to 123 Provisions relating to Public Safety, Convenience and Health
03 126 to 129, 131, 132, 134 to 142 and 145 General and Miscellaneous(Gram Panchayats) Provisions
04 254 to 257 and 267 Miscellaneous Provisions
05 271 and 272 Provisions relating to Taxation and Finance
06 Schedules-III and IV Provisions relating to Rules Bye-Laws and Penalities
Sl.No. u/s 389-B of APM Act 1965 Nature Of Powers/Functions
01 85 to 95 Provisions relating to Property Tax
02 93 to 103, 120 to 123 Provisions relating to Public Safety, Convenience and Health
03 Rules 1-38 of Schedule-II of AP Municipalities Act, 1965 Provisions relating to Assessment,Appeals and collect on Property Tax
04 120 Duty on transfer of property
05 124 Powers to write off irrecoverable taxes etc.,
06 134 to 145 Provisions relating to water supply
07 146 to 155 Provisions relating to lighting, public and private drainage
08 161 Powers to carry wire, pipes, drainage through private property
09 164 to 170 Provisions relating to scavenging
10 171 to 183 Provisions relating to public streets
11 184 to 193 Provisions relating to private streets and encroachments on streets
12 195 Precautions during repairs to streets
13 196 Prohibition against removal of bars and lights
14 197 Prohibition against making holes and causing obstruction in streets
15 198 License for work on buildings likely to cause obstruction (as public safety)
16 199 Clearing of debris fallen houses etc., by occupiers
17 201 Numbering of Buildings
18 202 to 230 Provisions relating to building regularizations
19 231 to 235 Provisions relating to dangerous structures, trees and places
20 248 Fencing of building of lands and grinning of hedges and trees
21 263 Purpose for which premises may not be used without licenses
22 264 to 270 Provisions relating to Industries and Factories
23 340 Penalty for unlawful buildings
24 343 Penalty for not giving information or giving false information
25 347 Powers of persons conduct of election and other enquiries
26 348 Summons to attend and give evidence or produce documents
27 349 to 353 Provisions relating to notices and permissions
28 354 to 356 Provisions relating to relations of occupier to owners
29 357 to 368 Provisions relating to powers of entry and inspection, enforcing license proceedings, payment of compensation etc
30 369, 370, 373, 377 Provisions relating to legal proceedings
31 374 Liabilities to loss, waste or misappropriation
32 375 Sanction for prosecution of Chair Person, Commissioner or Municipal Health Officer or any other Officer
33 376 Assessment etc., not to be questioned
34 378 Duties of Police Officers
35 381 to 386 Miscellaneous provisions
Sl.No. Municipal Corporations Act1955(Formerly GHMC Act 1955) Nature Of Powers/Functions
1 197 to 203 Municipal Taxation
2 204 to 206 Liability of Property Taxes
3 207 to 211 Notice of transfer, etc of premises assessable to Property Tax
4 212 to 213 Valuation of property assessable to property taxes
5 214 to 226 Assessment Book
6 229 to 231 Special provisions concerning the water and conservancy taxes
7 232 to 238 Refund of Property Taxes for Vacancies,
8 264 Tax on transfer of property
9 264 to 278 Collection of taxes
10 284 Writing off irrecoverable taxes
11 282 to 289 Appeals against valuation and taxes
12 290 to 295 Municipal Drains
13 296 to 318 Drains of public streets and drains of premises
14 319 to 320 Disposal of sewage from individual sources
15 324 to 328 Water-closets, privies, urinals etc
16 332 to 336 Inspection
17 337 to 340 General provisions
18 373 to 396 Construction, maintenance and Improvement of public streets, preservation of regular line in public street, provisions concerning private streets
19 397 to 423 Projections and obstructions, temporary erection on streets during festivals, provisions concerning execution of works in or near to streets, naming of streets etc., sky-signs and advertisement, dangerous places
20 424 to 427 Lighting of streets
21 428 to 435 Notices regarding execution of works not amounting to the erection of a building, forms and notices
22 436 to 443 Commencement of work
23 444 to 450 Provisions as to structure, materials etc
24 451 to 455 Inspection
25 456 to 460 Dangerous Structure
26 461 TO 463 Works unlawfully carried on
27 480 to 509 Scavenging and cleaning, Inspection and sanitary regulation of premises
28 516 to 524 Regulation of Factories, trades etc
29 622 to 653 Licenses and Permission, Public Notices and Advertisements, Unauthorized Works, Power of Entry, Enforcement of Orders to execute works etc., Recovery of Expenses by the Commissioner, Payment of Compensation, Recovery of expenses or compensation in case of dispute
30 670 to 673 Miscellaneous
31 674 Legal Proceedings
32 681 Cooperation of Police
33 682 Assistance for the recovery of rent on land
34 684 In formalities, and errors in assessments etc, not deemed to invalidate such assessment etc
35 685 Protection of persons acting under this Act against suits

Thus, APIIC is exercising/performing the statutory powers/functions of the Local Bodies with effect from 01-10-1994 onwards in 287 Nos. Industrial Areas (Phase wise)/ Housing Complexes/Mini Industrial Estates/Commercial Complexes falling under Municipalities, Municipal Corporations and Gram Panchayats in the State, through its officers nominated as Executive Authority under the relevant Acts.

To promote “Local Self-Governance” of the Industrial Areas, APIIC has evolved the concept of Industrial Areas Service Societies involving the tax payers community in the Notified Industrial Areas in the Management/Maintenance of Industrial Areas. The Service Societies registered under the AP (Telangana Area) Public Societies Registration Act, 1350F and the Societies Registration Act, 1860 and AP Societies Registration Act, 2001 have been nominated by APIIC as its Nodal Agencies to assist in collection of Property taxes and maintenance of civic services in the Industrial Areas. Thus the APIIC has nominated 99 Nos of Service Societies as Nodal Agencies to APIIC Ltd., in respect of 183 Industrial Areas, out of 287 areas notified by Government.

The Commissioners/Executive Officers are discharging their duties as per the powers delegated by the Govt of AP in Industrial Areas.

News & Updates
pdfComponents of DPR.   pdfNo rebate is allowed on the difference amount payable in future.   pdfRevision of Property Tax is happening to capital value system for the years 2021-2022 & 2022-2023 onwards, the balance amount of property tax payable(caused due to revision) shall be collected even after this rebate offer is implemented.   pdfGovernment of AP is allowed a Rebate of 5% on Property Tax is allowed to those who pays the total dues along with present year 2022-2023 Property Tax(Payable up to 31-03-2022) in single installment on or before 31-07-2022.
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