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Citizen Charter


SL.No Service Name SLA Days
1 Request for EOT for Advance Payment 0
2 Permission for Change of Line of Activity (Industrial to Industrial) 15
3 Request for EOT for Project Implementation 30
4 Request for execution sale deed (plot area less than 5 acres) 30
5 Permission for additional Line of Activity 15
6 Permission for Sub-division of plot 30
7 Change of constitution of the firm 45
8 Request for execution sale deed (plot area more than 5 acres) 45
9 Permission for Transfer of Allotment 30
10 NOC for Mortgage of Allotted plot 45
11 Withdrawal of allotment 7
12 Permission for Name Change 7
13 Change of Line of Activity (Industrial to Commercial) 30
News & Updates
pdfComponents of DPR.   pdfNo rebate is allowed on the difference amount payable in future.   pdfRevision of Property Tax is happening to capital value system for the years 2021-2022 & 2022-2023 onwards, the balance amount of property tax payable(caused due to revision) shall be collected even after this rebate offer is implemented.   pdfGovernment of AP is allowed a Rebate of 5% on Property Tax is allowed to those who pays the total dues along with present year 2022-2023 Property Tax(Payable up to 31-03-2022) in single installment on or before 31-07-2022.
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