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Citizen Charter


SL.No Service Name SLA Days
1 Request for EOT for Advance Payment 0
2 Permission for Change of Line of Activity (Industrial to Industrial) 15
3 Request for EOT for Project Implementation 30
4 Request for execution sale deed (plot area less than 5 acres) 30
5 Permission for additional Line of Activity 15
6 Permission for Sub-division of plot 30
7 Change of constitution of the firm 45
8 Request for execution sale deed (plot area more than 5 acres) 45
9 Permission for Transfer of Allotment 30
10 NOC for Mortgage of Allotted plot 45
11 Withdrawal of allotment 7
12 Permission for Name Change 7
13 Change of Line of Activity (Industrial to Commercial) 30
News & Updates
pdfT No No:23/CE(S)/APIIC /2022-23 Dt:28.10.2022 Providing 130 Nos. 1X60W LED Street lights on 7.5Mtrs long Galvanised Octagonal single arm poles and 40Nos.1X 60W LED lights on existing PSCC poles along the internal roads at GC Hindupur, Hindupur (M), Sri Satya Sai District under MSE-CDP scheme (2nd call)   pdfNo rebate is allowed on the difference amount payable in future.   pdfRevision of Property Tax is happening to capital value system for the years 2021-2022 & 2022-2023 onwards, the balance amount of property tax payable(caused due to revision) shall be collected even after this rebate offer is implemented.   pdfT No 22/CE-II/APIIC/2022-23, Dated : 31.10.2022 Construction of Executive Center building at YSR Electronic Manufacturing Cluster, Kopparthy, YSR District, Andhra Pradesh   pdfGovernment of AP is allowed a Rebate of 5% on Property Tax is allowed to those who pays the total dues along with present year 2022-2023 Property Tax(Payable up to 31-03-2022) in single installment on or before 31-07-2022.   pdfT No 5/ENC/APIIC /2022-23 Dt:01.11.2022 Request for Proposal for Project Management Consultant services for Construction of External Water Supply Scheme to MIH Orvakal, Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh
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